When I see how thoroughly horrible some people have it in this world…

it makes me feel like my traumas aren’t even a dot on the map.

Yes, we all endure pain.

And our worst pain is the worst we’ve ever felt.

But, be aware enough to realize that some people have it far worse

and they are still waking up every day.

If they can do it, so can you.

Even on your worst days.

There are children and adults all over the world being sold for sex


People are being raped and tortured and kidnapped and murdered.

People are drowning and burning and crashing to their deaths


There are people getting death sentences in hospitals and courts


Feel all of your emotions. They are valid.

But try to remember that you’re not alone. Not even close.

There is suffering everywhere at every second.

Hearts are breaking every second.

However, people are also falling in love right now.

And having babies right now.

And getting married right now.

People are laughing and playing and singing and dancing right now.

You’ll get back there.

And then you’ll dip again.

And then you’ll get back there.

It’s life.

Find the best people to tackle it with and roll with the punches.

And every single chance you get, do good for someone else.


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