I’ve had a lot of time to really think about what’s going on with me and around me. Recently, interactions with doctors, case managers and a few others in the mental health proffession has really made me question they way people think about people who suffer with mental illness. WE’RE THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE!! We may just he a little more sensitive to our environment. I’d say, we have a little more heart. Yes, we can be a little more conflicted because of overwhelming feelings but that’s just it…. We still feel. We feel fear, anger, love, hate. We are often misunderstood and passed over without a second thought. I struggle every day with anxiety and fear of being judged and the thoughts that people may have of me. So much so, that I only go out when it’s necessary. In my reflections I just had a thought that I felt the need to write down and share.

The lights are on but nobody’s home…. We’ve all heard or said that before when talking about the mental condition. Well, that’s not the case. You say, “the lights are on but nobody’s home” and just keep on walking by. We are home. We keep the lights on to try to keep the darkness from creeping ever further into the corners. We areso often afraid to come to the door. Afraid of the loud intrusive banging and the loud voices that await on the other side of that door. Afraid to open it up and see the judgemental eyes and critical stares. Often times, we are inside quietly crying out for help. Hoping to here a gentle wrap at the door and see someone carefully come through that barrier that is the door. Waiting for someone to enter our house and life and say, “it’s okay” and lend a hlping hand, a tender ear and kind words. So many times we are left alone in that house with our thoughts as our only company. Our thoughts can often be the exact opposite of what we need.  So, if the lights are, gently knock on the door and ask how we’re doing.

  1. delane 6 years ago

    Beautifully put, Mike! i couldn’t agree more. ***hugs***
    how are you, btw?

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  2. emmerzz 6 years ago

    That was very well spoken I have to say. also inspiring, the way you started to talk about understanding, then moved to motivational. thank u for saying your kind words. and u are very right people sometimes do not understand that we are all the same but have different pieces. and sometimes we just need that extra hug or a nice smile. haha, anyway thanks.

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  3. Dancer 6 years ago

    very well written and i can relate to alot of what you say…
    so many people stand by and judge when they have never been in a situation like we have..they havent felt the fear and anxiety..the loneliness..the heartbreak of losing a beloved parent…being so afraid to actually socialise for fear of being judged and ridiculed.feeling afraid to actually trust…hence why I am so careful as to who i let into my world for this reason..
    Sometimes the people with the biggest hearts are sensitive and feel more and most definately over think any given scenario…
    Finding someone who understands and actually takes the time out to listen and be there without judgement makes sucha difference…
    I Loved what you said about Lights being on but no one is home…
    I see the light as something positive…Hold onto that light…Because even when it isnt shining it is still there.
    For every dark moment there has to be light…
    For every dull dark raincloud there has to be a shining star
    And when you find that star hold onto it because it has healing qualities…
    Sending light and positivity your way
    Feel free to message me anytime

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  4. Author
    mike478 6 years ago

    Thank you all for your comments and support. I’ve been experiencing a lot the last few months and just felt the need to speak out. I’m really tired and disgusted with the way people look at mental illness. I have anxiety not the ibola virus. I’ve got a lot more to say but…. baby steps.

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