Well every day I wake up and say to myself, I'm not going to have any panic attacks today, no anxiety and I don't give a sh*t what happens, it's all in my head anyway.

Stuff I quit doing:

1 – watching or reading the news – stressed me out, so I quit

2 – watching scary shows/movies – don't need that fight or flight response triggeredfor something on a screen.

3 – dieting – all women diet, all women worry about stupid crap we shouldn't worry about. I've lost weight by NOT dieting… go me!

4 – Carrying my cell phone around with me – Sometimes I even turn it OFF!

5 – Making long to do lists – I can only do what I can do and thats it!

6 – Forget to take my meds – If I only do one thing every day, this is it.

7 – Volunteer because I feel obligated – I still volunteer, but only for stuff I want to do, not because I "don't want hurt feelings" or whatever.


Stuff I started doing:

1. Napping – If I'm tired, I nap. Yep, just like that.

2. Snuggle my kid – he's 15, its a struggle, but I still see him smile out of the corner of his mouth as I wrestle him down to the ground just to get a hug. lol

3. Let the dog lick me – even on the face. She loves it! It kind of smells like doody, but that is what face wash is for.

4. Take an hour bath – why not? Sometimes I combine this with napping.

5. Listen to others – I have lots to say, don't get me wrong, but listening seems so much more satisfying nowadays.

6. Praying – God does listen, and God does speak in so many different ways. Makes me feel special and good to know that God loves little ol me. Why me? I don't know, but I'm glad he does.

7. Just go with it – I stepped in slush up to my ankle the other day, my husband looked shocked and said, are you OK? I said yeah, I'm just gonna go with it.

8. Allow others to suffer if that is their choice – I try to help, but I don't force it on anyone. They have free will and if their choice is to cause themselves to suffer… so be it.

9. Talk to my friends in Anxiety Tribe – I love it here. Feels good to help and to be helped by people who "get it".

10. Randomly act silly – yeah, my kidwas mortified when I chased him around the storewearing a squishy ball for a hat, but hey, those are the good times he'll recall when he tells stories to his kids.

11. Exercise – Any kind is good, just get up and do something, I like to walk to funky music, sometimes I sing, but only when others aren't around cuz I don't want to scaresmall children or animals.

So thats it, that is what I have been doing to help my anxiety. And lemme tell ya, it has been helping. I seem to be happier and a LOT less stressed.

Well God Bless and I hope this inspires some of you to make some positive life changes as well, that is if you haven't already.

  1. SeptemberEnds 10 years ago

    Love this list! I love your attitude you seem like a positive person. I like how you mentioned praying. God is so important and it\'s amazing to see others who suffer with anxiety and whatnot, still going to Him. I keep a prayer journal I write in just for Him. He does speak to us, He does love us. :]

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  2. hausmank 10 years ago

    Great post! Yay to #3 losing weight! I try to promise myself just 20 minutes of exercise a day and it usually turns into more. Just a tip! Keep up the great progress!

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  3. sleepygirl 10 years ago

    @will6887 @SeptemberEnds @hausmank
    God Bless you all and PEACE be with you! Thank you for all the fantastic comments. Love love love you guys!

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