So this morning I had this weird dream that there were these people in the sea who wore costumes and rubber masks that made them look like tiger sharks. I was wading into the water when someone started to yell 'shark' then this guy stands up w/ a mask on and pulls it off. I remember thinking how strange. Next thing I know i was underwater with the rubber mask on. I felt trapped/suffocated and started to panic. In life I can't swim so that was part of the panic Im sure. Then i woke up…before I left for work this morning I asked my bf if I was breathing differently right before I woke up and he said that I was breathing quicker/harder. Luckily I didn't wake up in a panic enough to send me into an overly anxious day. I just wonder what it means. I've been having weird dreams lately…Few nights ago I had a dream that my whole family was together, grandparents included, and some other people I didn't recognize and we were having like a big dinner. It was at this cabin (i think). Then down like this mountainside/cliff my brother was on a trail but had fallen and was hurt. A few of the ppl in the cabin went to get him. While they were out you could hear wolves howling. Then we were all back in the cabin and the wolves broke in and were circling us. Now naturally there were more of us and in life i seriously doubt this would ever happen. Then they moved in closer and started nipping at ppl. this goes on for a while and then they start to try to move in btwn us … trying to seperate us. They get a few of us apart and one person (i believe was my grandpa, just not my actual grandpa) got seperated from everyone and ended up getting bitten alot. His face was all messed up and bleeding and for some reason his fingertips were bitten down so u could just see the white of the bone. I was fine…but I was standing and watching everyoen who was bleeding and hurt. 

I dunno, all these dreams are weird. Normally I have dreams that take place in a 'familiar' place. By familiar i mean that i've drempt of that place before. What I call my 'dream world'. Lately i've not been dreaming there…i've been in places I don't recognize. I just wonder what, if anything, it means. 


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