6/23/09 Still frustrated, I don't have the energy for this, but after getting the book Nolo Press's SSI getting it and keeping it, I feel a little better, about what I need to be doing. Ineed to get a lawyer, I will call some this week. Keep y'all updated 🙂

I've got to vent somewhere, this seems like a good place. I know getting on SSI takes 4ever and is a hassle, but when you feel like crap to start and aren't as organized as you use to be, it is one of the reasons I have panic attacks and am on anti-depression medication. My HIV is just a small reason I'm applying, tho when I was diagnosed, I actually had AIDS, T-Cells were 17, anyway, my major complaint is chronioc pain from athritis in both knees,. from car accident in 1981, fractured pelvis, in coma for a week. Now my HIV doc says he's pretty sure I need knee replacement surgery. I'm prescribed 6 to 7 10mg Percocet a day, I have a pretty high resistance to meds, but I believe the average person couldn't function very well on that. Meanwhile I'm constantly wrestling with myself, I should bew happy when I feel better, but then I worry it messes with my case. I had one SSI lawyer guy tell me I don't have enough documentation, he didn't even want to take my case, I have talked to my benefits counselor and she hasn't gone in front of a judge before, said she would go with me, but really, I need to find someone who wants to represent me, you always do better in front of a judge when you have a lawyer with you. But then I have to figure out who to get, this last guy was reccomended to me, but has given me the run around, about giving me copies of whatever he had. OK, Wow, this does help me figure out what I need to do. Keep you postesd.

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  1. jody417 15 years ago

    What a relief, my Mom and Step-Dad are going to help me financially get thry this SSI stuff, I don't know what I'd do otherwise, I am so lucky, when I get down and depressed I can't forget that.

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