Appreciating The Physical.

"Often there is speculation that the physical state is one that should be abandoned or ascended from. Naturally the whole idea of existence is one of evolution. It does not simply occur in the physical.
We have heard "whispers" of the incarnated body as it passes from life to life. Your culture supposes that it is an existence of less and that the spiritual state is the ultimate moment.
May we suggest that the spiritual mind creates the physical?
In that moment the sense of touch becomes a pristine gift. Nowhere in the universe does it exist except in the skin of an incarnate soul. It should be appreciated as an advanced creation of the soul… It's existence manifested by a creation that will transcend the soul to higher realms.
The next time you curse your physical, hoping for a free pass to the eternal, we suggest you recall the utter aweofyour fingertips as they caress the skin you now inhabit. The path can be as "heavenly" as the destination.
You will appreciate the physical much more after the experience. We were much like yourselves in our quest for the attainment of enlightenment. Imagine our surprise when once nonphysical, we realized the value of the body.
We relate our experience so that you may blend both moments for more advanced evolvement.
Consider it.
It may change how you proceed with this current linear."= ( Physical trip)

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