So yesterday I was talking with AncientGeekCrone and decided that I ought to take a walk it seemed that the sun was out yesterday and in Michigan here, it has beenraining alot…so before I even get out the door I think to myself that this walk is probably going to be filled with all the problems I have been dealing with…well I was wrong…it was completely the opposite…it was filled with awakening and wisdom and happiness…I was walking and paying attention to the world around me..the birdsthat flew away when I got to close and the robins that would hop away the squirrel that ran up a tree and seemed to follow me through the tree branches so as I am walking I hear the wind in the trees and the sounds of cars and children and lawnmowers and I think I am so glad I live in a new area and that the changes I have been going through are happening and I imagined a canvas of color filling the world behind me( where I already was) filled with vivid colors of love. love for the planet and love for my life. love for all the creatures and all the other humans that occupy this Earth… I thought I don't need to look back for the things of the past are behind me and I can't change anything that is behind me…what I must do is live in the moment that I am currently in…this moment is the best moment. I was approaching an old man on my walk who just seemed to be standing at the corner watching cars…he seen me and watched me walk up to him…He said hello and asked how I was…I smiled and said hello I am fine how are you? He went on to tell me that he turned 94 in April and that he lives alone…sometimes he golfs and that if he sees me walk by his house he will wave at me… so I have this thing it seems that old people, children, mentally ill people and animals are drawn to me…I love them all and treat them all with compassion so I said to myself This is why I am here…. to spread love and teach others to do the same…. anyway I should end this blog I realize it is long and probably hard to follow…my thoughts go everywhere…have a great nite and a wonderful tomorrow…

  1. ajay 11 years ago

    Makes me smile…

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  2. raider916 11 years ago

     That's awesome! It's so easy for us to not focus on all the beautiful things in this world due to us being focused on the ugliness of OCD. It seems to blur or block the positive with negativity and doubt. You walked through the its fog of doubt and were able to go out and experience the beauty of life and interact with it. I hope you can continue to do this and hopefully inspire many of us here to also be go out and experience and enjoy life. Thanks for sharing!

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