well people first off /wave and hello to any one who reads my blogs …God Bless Ya ..LOL

well today, I finally made it out of the house “WEEEEEE” it is hard to do because of my Anxity…

anyways got some stuff done ,
1. got my pup his city tags
2. got stuff to color my hair { I like it a dark dark alburn)
3. went out to eat {{ got a bit of anxity cause I was alone }} thought some one might look at me, or think something about me,:dizzy: and then all I did was sit and eat and watch people and think things about them , usualy wonder how they feel,
4. went to a supply place to get a large bunny cage since ‘Muffin” had 6 babys to “Honey” they did not have it in stock … UGH
5. went and got grocries on post, I got really bad anxity :dizzy: and would have ran out screaming ,if I was not out of things I needed, I felt horrible was almost shakeing … I only fely better after I was back home in the safety of my bunker .. I mean Home.
6. got my DBT workbook , it is supposed to help people with {BPD} Boderline Personality Disorder..
sice there is no pill to help with BPD like there is for my depression and anxity.. I am hopefull the work book will help out … I guess I just need to WORK it.
7.my final thought for this blog is … why do I care what complete strangers think of me???
on the outside I try to be different , I try not to fit in, yet at the same moment on the inside I want to be invisible… to others.. but then it hurts/bothers me when I “Feel” like I am being ignored ….
anyways the topic of this post is Arrrg I am a pirate ….come from when I was playing a online game EverQuest 2 {{so I am a bit of a nurd}} have not played it in months but still have a account.. but anywho ..I got tired of say yes in the game so I started saying Aye and it reminds me of a pirate:tongue:

sorry if you took time to read my blog and you think it was a waste of your time …but I just like to ramble on sometimes..since I am a loner .. I like to express myself on my blog 🙂

have a good day


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