I know that some people come and go on this site. Some for a short time, and some people I never hear from again. Some people on this site have passed away. Gone but never forgotten. I want to recognize three people that were on Depression Tribe that were my closest friends. The first person is californiagirl. Californiagirl, also know to some of you as Cali, was the first friend I made on this site. She was the person that lifted me up, and made me feel better about life and myself. She was very encouraging everyday, even throughout her own battles. She stopped coming online a few years ago, and I have to admit I was very sad when I realized she wasnt coming back online. The second person is tomD. Tomislav was a good friend who I miss very much. He always sent me a good morning message and made sure I was doing okay. Sometimes we would skype or message each other on Facebook to keep in touch. However, he had his inner battles with depression and suicidal thoughts, and even though many of us tried to lift him up, it wasnt enough. Tomislav took his life a couple years back. I literally cried because I felt like a part of me went missing after that. Last but not least, I miss bryancats. So many of us on DT miss him because he was such a caring soul, awesome brother, and amazing friend. Even with his physical battles, he took time to be there for all of us through message and via phone. Bryancats passed away as well, and i miss him every day. Gone but never forgotten. We love you Bryan. So this is the three people that I mainly wanted to recognize that I knew on this site. Remember to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones because every day is not promised. I love you all DT.


  1. Star2015 7 years ago

    Remembering people is what keeps their spirit alive. Thank you for that reminder. 

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  2. Azura_Mikio 7 years ago

    Remembering them and continuing in your life is just as important as well. I'm actually shocked to hear about the three. Their names are recognizeable and I recall talking to them on occassion I believe. Stay strong for their and your sake.

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