ok so lately I've been trying kick my ass back into over drive.Idk if i talked about this but I wanna be a tattoo artist…Im 20 been into art all my life.I drew on my friends growing up with pens and sharpies…i know dorky right.Im a art nerd!Proud of it!There is no art like tattooing and really i cant see me doing anything eles.The thought on tattoos have changed but ppl still juge ppl..So I do get some odd looks when im drawing designs from Magaizens like Tattoo energy.?Having ppl look over my sholder and say,"o' Id never do that to me." Its weird ppl look confused because of how i look and my intrest in tattoos…I have 2 but its the middle of my upper back to where u cant always see.In my head im all ready covered in tattoos…my neck to my toes are tattooed with beautiful images. Nothing stupid,just real art that looks like jems.But tattoos are expensive for the right art.I've been watching this show called Ink Masters on spike tv…its a compition tattoo show but…i like that it has every kind of tattoo style. Thats what I want to be…an ink master.I keep thinking about getting my tattoo apprinticeship…I dont know the shops near me, in cail I went every where i could get to to look for my apprinticship. I dont really think i should pay to work for someone but im almost considering it now.I mean you are learning like in school and they couldnt really through me out if i payed them.But this time I want my best of my best art together so I might be working on my portfoilo for a yr before i start looking.Because i want them to see my drive all this potentual I have.Im working on a painting for my loveing bf its traditonal style…with a heart,sparrows,and roses.I wont be able to spend time with him tile valentinesday is over but im sure he'll love it.


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