Today were the auditions for Anything Goes, a musical, and I had to sing and dance. I think I did really well on the singing portion. I sang "I Get a Kick Out of You" (Reno’s part) and I didn’t crack, I hit the notes, and for once I wasn’t shaking all over. =D


I did good on the dancing, but I couldn’t get this one part. I don’t think too much on it, though. I only had two times to get the entire routine right, and I only missed the drag-step thing. No biggie.


Callbacks are tomorrow, then the cast list is posted on Friday. I hope I get a good part. I’ve been working all summer on my voice by just listening to every bit of music around me (can’t afford voice lessons….).


I’m actually feeling happy and good about this. I normally dred the auditions, but I don’t feel as bad today. I guess it’s ’cause I have a lot of other things on my mind like how my friends are doing and all that. I feel kinda bad. I know m parents can get rough, but man, my closest guy friend and his parents… I always feel so bad for him. He uses his mask just as well as I do. :/


Which reminds me, I HATE going to my school counsolers[sp?] now. Everytime I come to her she tells me the exact same thing over and over. I tried using all the things she told me/tried applying all things, but it’s not working. At all. If it was good adivce, you think it would’ve started working by now… I hate not having the abiltity to get some professional help. Yup, I’ve still gone without seeing a doctor. I just can’t afford it. And my parents wouldn’t take me. They think I’m an oddball enough as it is, and they wouldn’t believe in taking me to the doctor for something as "fake" as depression.


Anyways, good day today, hoping tomorrow will follow, then usually bad days…. Fun.



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