So life is fine right now. I spent the day with my boyfriend. Shh… don't tell my mother though. I swear if she ever found this website she would read all of my blogs and I'd be in HUGE trouble. But she won't. Anyways we just sat there and talked. It was so fun! And amazing!! It was just…. it was amazing honestly. We just sat there talking, my head resting on his shoulder. We just did this for a couple hours. You'd think after all this time of going out we would have started to run out of things to talk about but no. We were just sitting there talking the day away, and it was amazing. We used to do that all the time…. but obviously it stopped after my mom forbidding me and him to date. Hopefully he can come tomorrow too and we can just hang out like we did today, just talk about random things and not really caring. Because I was on cloud nine the whole time honestly. It was just… amazing. I never knew that you could have so much fun doing really absolutely nothing. I mean, I did but… I don't know. I'll probably remember this for a while because word can not really describe how I feel about the whole situation. The closest I can come to is the whole I was on cloud nine the whole time. But even still, I feel like that's an understatement.

Today was good though… i enjoyed it… nothing really new besides what I just wrote. Someone spilled something on my bed again today….. Washing the sheets as I type…. my bed is just so unloved this week.. lolz. Should probably be doing homework…. Stupid teacher. She assigned us this big thing over break and I think she honestly expected us to do it all throughout the break. Nope! I still need to do it though… But that's because I'm a big procrastinator. They say it's not a real disorder or disease or whatever but I dunno…. It feels like it sometimes. Anyways! Thanks for reading my randomness!

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  1. YaminoKaaten 8 years ago

    At least you're in a good mood.

    Hope your mom sees how much you love your boyfriend soon.  And how haappy he makes you feel.

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