For the last 3 years I’ve known so many young mothers who have had children.  There was a slight trend I noticed.  In the beginning, many of them conceived girls, and recently, many of them conceived boys.  I come from a small city, and some people from bigger cities have told me that this is typical to expect.  It really bothers me sometimes. Maybe b/c I’m just a very emotional person, but some of these girls had so much going for them, and now they’re dreams are on hold. A lot of young girls don’t realize the effects they can have on their child’s development.  Most of these girls are “party” girls, and it’s sad to imagine the kind of world these children are going to grow up in.  I love children and hope that one day I can enjoy this experience once I’ve finished school and get married. One thing I do support is the courage these girls had to support pro-life. I know how controversial this subject is, so I’m not going to lecture about my beliefs, but I do admire their strength at motherhood. 

(not in any order)

Ashley – Malia

Ashley – Ethan

Shanice – Savannah

Amanda – Jocelyn

Kaitlyn – Madison

Catherine – Gabriel

Rorie – Nevaeh

Kara – Kimmie

Kim – Danika

JK – Joseph

Jessika D – Jaxson

Nicole – Mason

Jill – Brian

Shannon – Benjamin

Nicole – Jaida

Lyndsie – Carson

Jessica S – Garrett

Shawna – Aiden


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