Hello, sorry for being gone so long. I’ve been lacking the courage and motivation to even write on here, I really don’t want to do anything much- guess that’s the depression speaking- I want to wake up and get out of bed yet I can’t, my body is weighed down by something. Probably the darker me- the depression me- pinning me down with a knife to my throat, “Any day could be your last.” They would tell me, I don’t know what to do.

Recently there has been a fire here, there still is, the Carr Fire caused my family to evacuate. The fire was a few blocks away from our house and when my family were driving back we saw the damage. A big plot of burnt land, it was scary. Anyways, let’s catch y’all up!

I’ve been watching Supernatural, currently on season 10, I’ve been doodling and writing stories- also fighting dragons and monsters and starting riots in my head- I’ve done a career test thing. Turns out my future career should be somewhere in the art field- I do like to act and film!

I saved a sea lion pup on the beach, at first I thought it was a sea cucumber until I poked it. The little creature squeaked and I just picked it up and carried it- who knew baby sea lions were heavy?- I went to Knott’s Soak City with cousins- it was fun yet tiring- and I guess I just slept for the rest of it. Lol.

So, that was my summer adventure, in about 2 weeks I’m heading back to school. It’s gonna be a blast *sarcasm* oh and I’ve also completed my drivers’ ed thingy thing and will be getting my permit soon! Hope you all had a good summer, take care and keep living I guess…


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