Hey friends, long time no talk. I've had some recent stuff come up which landed me in an intensive outpatient program (a DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy), group setting. Not to mention a lovely Memorial Day weekend stuck inpatient at a mental health hospital. I'll try to be as chronological as possible here. Some symptoms of depression surfaced again around October 2013. I didn't do much about it… Just cried and slept a lot. Around February I asked my primary care physician his recommendation, he caused that I seek counseling with my individual therapist. I began counseling at that time which seemed to be helping initially but I still knew there was something not quite right. I began looking for a psychiatrist in town who took my insurance. The ones that take insurance are booked out about an average of 8 weeks. So I secured some appointments and asked to be put on everyone's cancelation list. In the meantime,I wasprescribed Prozac 40 mg (previously I had been on 80 mg). The symptoms were not resolving and I was worried about what I might be capable of doing. I feared losing my job because the anxiety was really wearing on me and I was taking a lot of time off. I was then seen by another general practitioner who added Seroquel to the mix, and the seroquel over the next few weeks was eventually increased from 50 to 150 mg. I then began acting extremely impulsive which is very uncharacteristic of me. I was shopping and blowing through my savings account. I had these indescribable impulses AND compulsions. I had no idea what was happening to my body or how I could get help quickly. But even in some of my darkest moments, people have told me how nice I look or how put together I am. Considering the circumstances. So when my boyfriend and coworkers were noticing my behavior becoming somewhat outrageous, I knew it was time to take the next step. So I was refused from one mental Heath hospital 3 times because their beds were all unavailable, and was then referred to psychiatric emergency services, which now I know is basically for people with serious hygiene issues and no health insurance. Needless to say, they turned me away too… But not before securing me a place at another hospital in town. I clenched my jaw and sucked it up and decided this is just what I HAVE TO DO to get better. The psychiatrist in the hospital immediately discontinued the Prozac and instead added 600 mg oflithium due to this new 'bipolar i' diagnosis. I finally got called a few days out of the hospital by a local psychiatrist who had a cancelation. He agreed with the OCD and bipolar diagnoses and I THINK how he explained the treatment plan would consist of stabilizing my mood, before tackling OCD symptoms. So I am currently taking 450mg seroquel and 600mg lithium, with klonopin as needed. Anyone else have any experience with these diagnoses and prescriptions that have helped? Just curious at this point. Not obsessing. 😉

  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    I hope this is the beginning of recovery.

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  2. Dent838 8 years ago

    Damn… guess I won't complain about my Memorial Day weekend.  I mean, I did have to get my car repaired, but somehow I think you got me beat.


    Don't know much about those meds, sorry.  I'm using Prozac, a lower dose of 20 mg.  Baby steps.  Sounds like things are at least in motion for you now.  Better than just fighting off depression by yourself.  Hope things are getting better for you, stabilizing.  Just get the correct med recipe and bake well!  🙂

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