January 8th, 2010


Today we had school and I misssed my bus so I had to call one of my neighbors who have 4 daughters and all play tennis. They are really nice and one of them even taught me how to play tennis.  I am sad because she is a Senior this year but I will still see her in my neighborhood and at tennis camp in the summer and when she gives me tennis lessons again in the summer maybe.  The name of the girl who taught is Nicole and she also has twin sisters and another sister named Alexa.  Sometimes when things get really bad between my mom and I I wish that I lived with them.  It sounds mean I know but I just can\\\\\\\'t take the way my mom is sometimes.  She doesn\\\\\\\'t let me wear what I want, eat what I want, yells at me when she gets mad and sometimes even swears, and when she gets really, really mad she hits me. Yes she child abuses me.  For example, last year before my 8th grade graduation I was getting ready for the 8th grade dance and I was trying to dry my hair and she wanted to do it and she got mad and hit me with a brush and yelled at me.  Another time I was going to a play with my scout troop and she burned my head with the dryer with really hot air.  I was so mad at her the rest of the night. I wish somehow I could become a Stroner family member sometime soon then I would be happier and I wouldn\\\\\\\'t have to deal with a mother who is like this to me.  I know the girl\\\\\\\'s mom and they know me well so I would be good there and fit in especially with my blonde hair and blue eyes.  Alexa and Nicole have blonde hair so I would fit in with them. Now I just got to hope that I could end up with them somehow some way.    So  after school I stayed for a program designed just for freshmen to help study for finals.  I am glad I stayed because I was able to get stuff I didn\\\\\\\'t know or have filled out on my study guides and had somewhere to study.  I went to English first, then Science, and last health.  My school is doing it on Monday again so I am going to stay again and I will do science first, Health second, and Geography third.  I have a final in choir but I know everything and that is the very last one I would study for I am concerned about science, health, and english.  I am glad that my high school has this for the freshmen because it will help me a lot.  After I got picked up from my school I went out to sell Girl Scout cookies.  Soon I will be going out for dinner with my mom and dad we usually go out as a family for dinner.  I have older siblings but they don\\\\\\\'t live with us anymore.  I don\\\\\\\'t get to see them that much so when I do see them it means a lot to me.   


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