Finally at home! …. Wish I was still there though.

The New York Varsity trip was amazing. I got to see the one show I’ve been wanting to see: Avenue Q! It wasn’t exactly Sara-Friendly… It was rated R for me. >_< I also got to see Billy Elliot, In the Heights, and Hedda Gabler. We waited outside for the actors for In the Heights, and Lin-Manuel Miranda hugged me and Mandy Gonzalez said she liked my hat and that purple was her favorite color: I could have died from happiness. I really, really, really enjoyed their preformances.

New York is a lot different from Texas. For one, it’s usually NEVER a single digit temperature. It was 14 when I got there, then it turned into 7 at the hotel. Melted snow got into my boots and shoes which made the day really uncomfy. Another thing is the street-rules. Are there any laws that are obyed? People were making lefts on red, stopping right in the middle of the intersection, and the pedestrians weren’t exactly great either. I almost got hit by a car a few times ’cause they went through a red light. It scared the crap outta me each time.

Almost got my bag stolen too. I don’t carry a purse, so by bag I mean book bag. I felt someone tug on it so I pulled it back and hurried forward, and when I finally got awat from the crowd I checked it and saw the zipper half open. Nothing was missing, thank goodness, but I still didn’t like the feeling.

Everything there was really expensive too. Went there with $200 eating money and came back with $2. @[email protected]

On the plus side, I really enjoyed Times Square, Central Park, and the Mesuem of Natural History. The Museum of Modern Art was…. God, I can’t lie. It was freaken’ weird. Nothing made sense to me and honestly, some of it confused me to the point of fearing it. >_< The best part was going to the "Chill Zone" and laying on the giant circle sofa. Sure, there was a disturbing video of a naked lady shoving petals up her nose and such, but the couch was comfy and I got to rest. Hey, walking everywhere hurts your feet after a while!

I miss the hotel, all the lights, and the M&M Store. :/ I can’t wait to go back some other time. For now, I’m stuck here with my family again. It’s not so bad now, but, as always, things find a way of bringing me down in my house. Oh well, at least I have my happy memories…



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