Well i''m back! after a month (or even more) dissapearance from DT. I finally got my computer back up and running. I''ve been able to access my facebook via my iphone, so those of my friends who I have on there, would know i''m still alive!

Catch up time: Ok well I guess i''ll start with the meds. The prozac really seems to be working its magic! I''ve had it for almost two months now and I''m starting to feel the effects which is great. I did have a conversation with the shrink about the guilt I was feeling about feeling better. He understood what I mean (which is a nice feeling!!). He is going to keep me on the prozac indefinatly. All my life? i''m not sure?? The valium is great too. That has really helped me sleep more, and also an unexpected side effect of helping my bad leg. I don''t know if its cause its kind of a muscle relaxant also, but I''m definatly not complaining about that either. He''s happy for me to keep taking the valium. He said there is a danger of becoming addicted to it. I don''t think I will, but then again, I''m sure an alcoholic would have said "i''ll never get addicted". The amount i''m taking isn''t much. I''m planning to keep it that way. I have 3 of a night. Sometimes I might take some during the day if things are really bad. But thats about it.

Christmas went ok. I mostly knew what I was getting, with a few surprises including a beautiful charm braclet. Those new style ones.. like with the beads. I love it. I had actually brought my sister one for christmas, and mentioned that I''d really like to get one at one point too. I was really happy about that. My sister made me some beautiful hadmade things. A glass necklace, and a sandblown glass tile, with the sign of Taurus on it (obviously my sign). I love them. I''d much prefer home made things over the brought things. Dad showed up a few days before xmas. Brought me a present.. he admitted he didn''t even pick it out (surprise surprise). I didn''t get him anything. He don''t deserve anything in my books. He doesn''t make an effort with me, so why should I with him. (on a plus side the gift that my new stepsister picked out, who is my age, I love. a bodywash,showercreme and soap that smell yummy).. I must thank her for that.

THe day itself was manic. Christmas lunch was at my house, so there was food and people everywhere. THe most noise of course coming from the 2,4 and 5 year olds. And of COURSE they had to open every gift that everyone had got them.. leaving a nice mess for us. There was enough food for a small army!

So not much happening after that. Things are looking up, which is good. Hope everyone is well, and I''ll catch up with you all soon!

xxxxx Jac


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