The date last night went…alright…it went well, but I’m not thrilled. (Maybe because nothing much is thrilling me these days.)

In case my life couldn’t get any more (fill in horrible, unhappy adjective here), last night/this morning, while trying to fix a virus attack on my 7-year-old computer, I broked it. I deleted something I shouldn’t have and now I am computerless.

(In case someone extraordinarily computer-savvy happens upon this blog and wants to help me, what happened is this: while in safe mode, attempting to delete files that McAfee had identified as virusfull, but couldn’t delete/quarantine/clean, I deleted a file called winlogon.exe. Thereafter, everytime – no matter whether in regular mode, safe mode, system restore, etc. – I get to my Windows login screen, it starts logging me in and then backs me right out. I damaged my operating system. Go me! Supposedly, I need to reinstall my operating system, which would be easy enough if I didn’t desperately need to get my modeling photos and poetry off my harddrive. I NEED HELP…more so than usual.)

You may be asking yourself, "Now, foozy, how are you making this here blog if your computer is broked, HMM?!" I am working my lovely OT and using my lovely work computer, but on my work comp…unfortunately…almost every site I use/need is blocked here. (Through some miracle I will probably never understand, this one is not. But yay for that!) So, from my work comp, I can happily get to DT, but not to…like, say, Hotmail. Lordy.

Also, more bank bs happened this morning. I don’t want to go into it. It puts me right into angry mode.

Finally, "Mr. Hands" (as we are now so lovingly calling him) must’ve sensed me blogging about him and called me last night. I did not answer bc I was on a date with "Mr. Not Serious." (Not that any of you care to hear this, but…my god…tattoos and piercings and yummy he is! And we have barely kissed :))

So, I’m all over the place. I don’t know when I will talk to y’all again – Tuesday at the latest – sooner if ,by some miracle, by computer gets remedied!


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