I've been having a bit of anxiety over it this year. Changing teams and having to see my ex again. I want to see her like I want to be stabbed in the chest…

There was some mix up about teams and I had to bowl with my old one just for today. Thing is my new team bowled against my ex girlfriends team today. She wasn't even there I guess. Even then I would have had to bowl next to her younger brother and he best friend. I'm fine with them, but it would have still been weird.

I had a really great time actually. There was a girl on my team and I can't remember her name right now. I kept giving her crap and it was fun. She said "It's really oily today. I've been practicing late when no one else was here." and I said " that's alright, you're not that ugly."biggrin Then we both had strikes the first frame and she said "Maybe we'll both get 300s" and I said na, you're not good enough." She's a really flirty kind of girl.


I kinda don't want to go to my new team now. I think they only want me because I'm the best bowler there. They asked me to be on a longgg time ago and they weren't sure if I still wanted to be on so they asked someone else. When they found out a couple weeks ago I still wanted to be on they kicked the other person off and that caused some problems and I heard the kid was crying or something about it.

A few people brought up how I looked bigger and that was nice. The summer of weightlifting payed off and now if I can just grow my hair back! My mom tells me I look like James Dean which is pretty funny since I don't look anything like him.


Oh and something weird happened. My neighbor thats a soon to be 16 year old girl came over and talked to my mom. Her me and my brother used to play over at her house all the time when we were really young, but my mom and hers had a big fight and we haven't talked in years. Its weird how things change…now shes bi polar and manic depressive and she smokes…what the hell happens to kids? WHY IS IT EVERY TIME I MEET AN OLD FRIEND THEY'RE ALWAYS AT LEAST SMOKING AND PROBABLY DOING DRUGS? It freaks me out to see how they've changed for the worsed


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