So I guess I havent typed up a blog in a while. To be honest, I have had a lot of sh_t going on lately. Getting in arguments with my foster mom over my boyfriend Dre; who I dont know if I feel the same way he feels for me anymore. Maybe my foster mom was right when she said I deserve better. I mean..Dre didnt even give me anthing for Valentines Day, and didnt tell me Happy Valentines Day until 2 hours before Valentines Day ended. I always have to get a ride over to his house but he has no ride to mines. I even had to buy him food before..I felt sorry for him. I dont know why though. I mean…hes not even trying to get a job. Anyways, on to the next thing. Yesterday after school, my ex Kewaun (remember the guy that left bruises on me before) decided he was going to walk with me to my car, and when i said no, he smacked me in my face and told me I was weak. Enraged, I swung at him and hit him in his face and he punched me in my side countless times and I fought back until he put me in a chokehold. Thats when I couldnt breathe…I started to panic, and thought I was going to die until he abruptly let me go, and i held my throat gasping for breath. I fell on my knees and he told me to get up. I couldnt get up.I was so out of breath. I couldnt move and when i finally could, my ride had left and I had to call my foster mom to pick me up, so i sat down in the rain and cried until my foster mom got there and i told her what happened and she said I was exaggerating. So when I got home I went to my room and cried more and barricaded myself in my room. I was so tempted to cut, but I reisisted the temeptation and instead stared at the wall rocking back and forth. I saw him today and he had the nerver to come up to me and hug me and say "You feeling better?". My body hurts, and you ask if Im feeling better???? Im done typing now because my body hurts and my hands are shaking…


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