hello all.

Haven't written a blog on here in a little while. Do not know why. I always have something to say lol.

I've been ok lately. NOt the best, but ok. I"m alive and I'm always grateful for that !

But ive had a cold that won't go away, didn't get to see my therapist last week and other reasons, that's why I think i've been more down and blah.

Yet, again I'm trying to stay positive, even though it's not easy and I'm trying to make it one day at a time.

My family and friends keep saying I"m doing better and they see improvement. which is good. But I assure them I am not fully back to me yet and I'll let them know when I am/feel that!

I feel I"m closer to getting through this terrible depression time, but not there yet. I still have a few things to work on and through and i still need to talk to my therapist about some things to get them off my chest.

I feel that will really help me, plus if the snow would go away I'd also get rid of My S.A.D that I seem to get every year blah.

I went back to the gym on monday which was good, cuz I was also slacking on that, not good. I really need it. Also I went and bought a ton of healthy food and i'm doing better at eating that, plus eating more in general which is great! I truly love food! (=

Works going good. I have been putting in a couple more hours a week, which helps with money! But not too much that I get overwhelmed. It's hard to focus and fully help when I'm not feeling all there. you get me?

This depression thing really sucks worse then I've ever thought/had before. But I know I'll be stronger and a better person once I'm through the deep despair. I just have to hold onto my hope and faith and keep trying every single day. I hope you all are doing the same!

Im so glad that I came on this site and met you all. You really do help me through and not feel so alone. I can talk to you about things and you won't judge. Family and friends don't always understand. Because they are not going through it like us right now.

And one last thought lol..

I like someone.. he knows who he is.. and I never expected to like him or fall for anyone on here of all places. I really don't like the online things..since they never work well for me. But sometimes things happen, you can't help it. Who knows what will happen if anything. but right now so what. I can't help but talk to him, because he's been there for me during this difficult time and for that i'm forever grateful! (=

That is all.

Peace and Love,


  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    Good luck Stavy.

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  2. Andie372 9 years ago

     You said it:  don't lose hope.  Sometimes when we're deeply depressed that's all we have to hang on it.  It's imperative that you keep it.  SAD will get better once the time changes back to longer days in March.  I can't wait.  And spring is coming!  Good job keeping things together and working and all.

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