Dear Lord,

I know that you know all that is going on in my life. Please protect my mind and my heart and my soul from those who hate you God for whatever reasons that they may have. Lord I need your strength and your encouragement, when people assume things about my personal relationship with you God.I don't understand why someone would just assume that I am brainwashed. They never asked me any personal questions about my life and certainly not about walk with you God. How sad and empty they are. Please guide me and protect me Lord and help me to know that those peoples opinions should not effect me in any way or form. They are lost. I am not. I am saved and only you God know my heart. God I want to lift up my neighbors dad who overdosed last Saturday. He leaves behind two beautifull, sweet, smart, daughters who do not know you Lord as their personal Lord and Savior. Lord shower them with your love, even though they may not understand the passing of their dad. Their dad was a believer but he had a lot of problems, just like we all do. Lord I've known this family all of my life here in Sunny California. Help me to be a good neighbor to them. Lord heal my broken heart. These two daughters already lost their mother to suicide about 5 years ago and it is soo heartbreaking to see them both going through another loss of a parent. Their dad was such a nice guy and really was trying his hardest. Lord I know that he was not on the right medications and I thank you for every single opportunity that I got to share the love of Christ with him. Living for you Lord is a choice and is not brainwashing. Your word is comforting and if any non-believers here do not agree with me, thats fine. Thats their choice. No one can brain wash you to believe in God! Satan is brainwashing them with doubts and fears and through their pride. Let the lost people see that their way is not the right way. WE live in a world thats all about Me,Me,and oh Yah?Me? And screw everybody else right? Well thats not how I live my life. I am sinner and I am not perfect and I should be able to voice my own opinions without being attacked spiritually. Seriously if any non-believer knew my life before I came to know you LORD, they would think twice before saying anything about my faith in you. Lord I love you and I lift up any non-believer here. I am here in love and not in hate. I pray all of this in your name, Jesus, Amen. Love Your Daughter, Rose


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