Just want to start this with what seems like an entire world fighting against LGBTQ, it is so nice to find solace in a group this like. It’s so important to have support and friends during what can feel like such a lonely and hopeless time.

Being yourself should be what makes you happiest and living authentically has to be the largest comfort in the world. I have told a few close friends and some family members about my authentic self but I am still living in fear of others and what would, or will happen, when I finally take the first steps toward transitioning.

For me transitioning means losing my wife and my family. The question is what price is too high for happiness. Will becoming Allie give me what I need to be happy given that I broke up a marriage. Do I remain with the status quo and just hope that I can make it work for myself. Such an impossible scenario and not something I know how to cope with. My family is so important to me and would do anything but on the flip side when the depression hits me, it hits me really hard and I struggle to find the meaning to a lot.

Becoming Allie has been a dream of mine since I was little kid, but is it just that; a dream.

Rambling post. Clarity will come. I hope.


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