Hi Tribe family and friends, ben pretty busy lately. worked 2 1st steps this week, a 4th and 5th step, doing a 6th step tomorrow. last weekend Cheryl and i went to the Day of the Dinosaurs 2 in Las Vegas, we had about 125 people there with a combined total of clean time of over 500 years. from 34 years all the way down to 4days clean. it was a great day filled with great speakers and lots of great recovery. just a part of the rewards of living and breathing the NA program.


Monday i am off to Montana to visit my sponsor. we have not seen each other in 7 years. we talk once or twice a week. i am also returing with one of my sponsee's who is going to pick up his lady's car. so we are getting to make a road trip out of it. we will do a 6th step during the 16 hour drive. been going to lots of meetings lately. i have been elected to the RCM service position for my area. we recently joined region 51 in Las Vegas because it's closer to here than Phoenix is.  we are having a Unity day October 17th in Las Vegas. if anybody wants the directions i would gladly give them to you.


Getting over my last surgery back into my work out routine and feeling pretty good. working on some really cool NA tye dyed shirts. they will be for sale either through me or E-bay. part of the proceeds will be going to my area for activities.


for those of you struggling with Recovery, keep going to as many meetings as you can, pick up the damn phone and get a sponsor and use them as much as possible. remember you have to work the program and not let it work you.


NA hugs and Love,



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