My sleep pattern.. 
Ever since high school started I've had troubles getting to sleep, and staying asleep.. It really started in grade nine. I told my mom about it and she just said it was because of the lack of movement. I go to school, sit in a desk, come home, sit and do homework. So I got used to it. I'd lay down at about 11, and get to sleep around 1.. sometimes longer.. 
I thought this would stop in grade ten because I had gym class, and I had a job the was after school from 3-9 and I'd be on my feet for the six hours..I was burning off energy right? I would get to sleep fairly quickly right? Wrong. It took me LONGER to get to sleep. It felt like I'd be up all night and then during the day I'd feel like a zombie. 
Summer's were worse. Why? Because I would work from 6-2. I'd wake up at about 5 to get ready. I would lay down at 11. A usual night I would get to sleep probably around 2.. Well 2 would be the last time I'd look at the bright red numbers on my clock. 
Lately without work I try to go to bed late thinking I'm tired, I can barely keep my eyes open.. so I'll lay down, tv off around 2, well I'm usually staring at that damn clock until about 4, wake up at 7..8..9..10 and finally get sick of waking up and falling back asleep every hour and get up at about 11.. sometimes 12.. When I do get up I feel like I've only slept for an hour.. and I'll have the biggest migraines ever.. ):

Through out the day I usually yawn. A lot. And apparently I have over active tear ducts or something because when I yawn ONCE it looks like I'm crying.. Usually I yawn three or four times in a row and tears are going down my face. I hate that. And I hate people's reaction "Oh my god! What's wrong? Are you crying!?"

I stutter a lot. mostly on words that start with M and S.. I don't know why but I hate it. Especially when I worked.. I had to read people back what they want..(I used to work at a Tim Hortons..) since it's like reading back sizes.. Small.. Medium.. I would stutter often.. and it's not like I can avoid those letters.. so then people would laugh at the dumbass who can't read back a simple order. 

At night I usually am downstairs of my house. Sometimes I'll be sitting here.. Reading.. On the internet.. etc.. I'll start to have a shake.. my mind and heart are racing.. i start to sweat.. I feel like i'm in a horror movie and I know whats about to happen, and I don't like it, but I can't stop it. and usually with that it feels like a pin is constantly being pushed into my chest… like right where my heart it. it's always on my left side to.. never my right. always by my heart.. 

Bad drivers..
Bed drivers just piss me the fuck off. They ruin my day. I live in a small town, and our speed limit through town is 50kmp and well some people think it's smart for go 40.. or even sometimes 35.. 
Oh and when I'm driving out to my grandfathers where it goes up to 80, people think it's still okay to drive 40.. and all the way there its a solid line, I can't pass them..(it's about a 5 minute drive going 80.. so a 10 minute drive when going 40) 
Another thing is a lot of people think I stop at a stop sign so first so they can just roll right through theirs. Really? You're going to cause a crash. Asshat. 
And my car is one of the things I really care about. My car is a baby. so people who just don't care what the do while driving just pisses me off. and I can't get over it. It lingers with me. I can't help to be like "seriously! WTF were they doing?!" etc.. through out the rest of the day. Even though I know people get annoyed with me complaining about jerkoffs like that, I can't help it. 

I don't know why these things just bug me, a lot, but.. They do. 

And my blogs probably bug you guys right? Haha. 


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