I feel as though I am coming second best to the motorbike. How sad is that?!


I know he bought it to be used and what have you but it isnt just that.


I had my last day at work yesterday due to going on maternity leave. Yet I feel as though I haven't had a chance to sit and do me stuff yet. I had a dentist appointment today, fair enough needed to be done and it's free until baby is a year old. I knew I would have to also start doing more things around the house, try and keep it a bit more tidier as I am not the best person in the world at keeping things tidy but what I didn't expect was from the bloke who knows I should be resting, even told by the hospital to rest, was can you do the washing, can we have this for dinner at this time, can you do this, can you do that, I'm gonna be late home make dinner at such a such time. And I know for a fact when he gets in later this evening I am gonna get my god this house is a mess! well excuse me for being 8 months pregnant and being tired and struggling to do stuff! I hate to say this but he was the one who wanted the child, he was the one who said everything will be ok no matter what, but then he also said (and it doesn't matter weather he was joking or not he still said it) I will be expecting my dinner on the table for when I get home and the house should be tidy at all times with the amount of time your having off! EXCUSE ME MISTER BUT NO!!!!!! Your dinner maybe on the table when you get in, depends on what sort of day me and the baby have had! And the house maybe tidy, again, depends on what kind of day me and the baby have had! I am not using the baby as an excuse but what he doesn't realize is that it is hard work having a child and he thinks it will be all roses and happy times. I think he sees everything through rose tinted glasses and it pisses me off to be honest. 


Meh, I dunno what to do. I just wanted to get it off my chest how frustrated I am over feeling second best. 


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