I hate everything today. My mood is terrible…very irritable. All I do I feel is yell at my kids…my daughter is in this naughty stage where she goes for everything but her toys. While I was trying to do dishes and straighten up this shit hole she got into the special lotion I use on them and started to eat it. My son was sick yesterday and last night he had a bad cough and was up at 130/so. Besides not having much sleep, and dealing with that, I got my damn period today. Also, it is my sister’s bday and I was hoping they’d cancel but they are still coming up for supper. Since she quit school she has been bumming horribly and just wants to come here all the time. I don’t want company all the time but they bring it up everytime I visit with them. She is at home with my parents right now. I don’t get along well with my mom, and my dad is ok. But I don’t think because she has nothing to do and is bored I should have to be responsible for that. I maybe be at home with the kids, but I have things that I have to do with them everyday. It is so frustrating. I just want to yell at anyone and everything. I have thrown stuff and am trying really hard to control my temper today. My dad was going to drop her off at lunch time and she was going to just sit here and read while we slept. But I called him back and said that I company today wouldn’t be a good idea. I said that I would still go to supper however. Atleast I did get to say or do one thing I wanted to do.


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