I have a horriable weekend. I slept all day saturday just cause I didnt want to face the day. Sunday my older daughter moved out well she called it moving out but she only took her winter clothes and left all the other junk for me to sort out. I really didn’t know how I would feel when she left but when I came home and her stuff was gone I broke down. It hurt alot more than I thought. My husband assured me that I did the best I could and it was her turn to make decisions for herself. Then ofcourse with all the friction it caused me and my husband to get into an argument cause he wants to take her off the insurance policy cause he is afraid the boyfriend will be driving it,but I said no cause she don’t have the money to get her own policy yet cause they just paid out over 300 dollars to get it fixed, so I asked him to wait until the policy is up in March and he said he would after we argued over it a while. I got a phone call this mourning from a friend saying the boyfriend was driving the car so now what, My husband was right and I feel so stupid for arguing with him over it in her defense and she lets me down. I called and preached to her again but I am sure didnt listen to me.

My 5 yr old daughter went back to pre k today after being off 3 weeks and I already miss her. She is such a joy to me . She cheers me up when I am down. She will say look at me mommy I will make you smile and she smiles real big and says now are you happy and I have to say yes to that..


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