When you were born, you received a complete complement of all the viruses your mother had in her body.  These viruses moved around in your body, until they found a place that they wanted to settle in {sounds just like immigrants coming to America}.  But the viruses didn’t just raise a family, they increased by the billions.  The speed at which they increased was determined by a couple of things; acidic/alkaline level in your body, eating habits, lifestyle, diet, and the effectiveness of your immune system, just to name a few.  So the speed at which they did damage in your body, could be different from the speed at which they did damage in your sisters, brothers, or even your mothers body. In most cases, damage will occur faster, or earlier in your life, than it did in your mothers body, as the diet we have today, consists of more refined foods, pasteurized milk, and a lot more ‘junk foods’.  Also, it is harder and harder for mothers to get their children to eat the foods that are good for them, when there are so many commercials on TV showing foods that are not good for them.  Also a lot of the mothers today, don’t know which foods are good for their children.  And your mothers diet, was probably less nourishing than your grandmothers diet, for the same reason. 

   Exactly where in your body these viruses chose to settle, could be different from where they chose to settle in your sisters or brothers body.  They may have settled in the skin, breast, colon, pancreas, bone, or even blood, just to name a few.  As for the ones that settled in the brain, it’s also kind of hit and miss as to where they ended up. 

   Depression, is actually the pain caused by the viruses ‘destroying’ your brain cells, similar to an abscessed tooth, or other infection in your body. However, there are no nerves going to the brain to tell when it is pinched, poked, scratched, or cold, so you don’t feel pain, in the normal way.  When they destroy all of the un-used portion of the brain, and start destroying brain cells that are being used, I believe that you will then have Alzheimer’s.  

   As to where they settle in the used portion of your brain determines how it will effect your personality, eating habits, concentration, thinking, or motor skills, etc, etc.  

   Depression, is the most common of all mental diseases, because it is caused when the viruses are any wheres in the brain.   The degree of depression is determined by how much of your brain is being destroyed at any given time.  

    Depression really does effect your ‘mood’.  If we were to say that a ‘normal’ persons mood,{one with out depression} was the ‘zero’ line, right across the middle of the graph.  If this ‘normal’ person was walking down the street and found a $20.00 bill, laying on the sidewalk.  WOW!!!!!!  Look what I found!!!!!  Hot diggity!!!!  TWENTY BUCKS!!!!!  Well, their mood would jump from ‘zero’ to’ let’s say’ +20 on the graph.  OK.  the ‘normal’ person puts the $20 in his billfold, and puts the billfold back in his pocket, and continues walking.  The ‘normal’ person is now thinking what they’re going to spend the $20 bucks on. 

     When the ‘normal’ person gets to the store and picks out something that they want to spend the $20 bucks on and goes up to the ‘check-out’.  But when the ‘normal’ person reaches into his pocket for his billfold, HEY!!!  Where’s my billfold!!  I lost my billfold!!!  His mood quickly drops from +20 down past zero {because once they put the $20. into their billfold, it was then ‘their’ money} Not only to -20, but farther, as their billfold had value, as well as its original contents.  Let’s just say that the ‘normal’ persons mood dropped to a -200, OK?  Let’s also say that the lowest line on the graph is -500, OK? {the bottom of the page}…Let’s also say that the -500 level is the usual suicide level {if there was such a level}. 

    Now if another person, one who has depression, let’s say, moderate depression, their mood level would probably be at -200 in an average day, with {no problems}.  If they did the same thing that the ‘normal’ person did, find $$, go to -180, loose billfold, go down to -400.  At -400, they are very close to -500, which is the suicide level {if there was such a level} 

   Maybe the depressed person, who just went to -400 had other issues that they were dealing with, fighting with wife, car won’t start, insurance cut them off for paying for meds, etc, etc.  Their mood would have actually been lower than -200 to start with, so the loosing of the billfold, would send them below the -500 level, {the straw that broke the camels back}.  

    The purpose of this is to show that a depressed person is closer to suicide at any given time in their life than a ‘normal’ person.  And when a depressed person looses his billfold, and blows his brains out no one can understand it, ‘cept me, and now, you…  Why would he end his life for loosing his billfold? It just doesn’t make sense.  

    Treating depression is not curing depression.  And curing depression is not treating depression.  Also, it is as difficult for a person who has depression, to imagine what one day would be like without depression, as it is for a person who does not have depression to imagine what one day would be like with depression. 

   the burger king blogger…..


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