Welll, Been almost 2 months now…..
Brian and I are moving to a nicer,
bigger HEALTHIER house on the 24th of November, 2007.
Has hardwood floors,
porch, mudroom, dining room, Bog livingroom,
high ceilings (So Brian won't have to worry about hitting his head.. hehehehe)
Fenced in backyard,
so we won't lose Diamond. 
Things so far seem to be going great between us,
with only a few minor bumps that we have to work on.
I am pretty sure they are work throughable though…
is that even a word?  lol  
The boys and Diamond adore him,
so that is a good sign.
And boy did I luck out!!
He knows how to fix cars, do almost all household repairs,
is always thoughtful of my needs, 
loves to cuddle, caress, and be caressed…. 
and well, let's just say,
Bedtime never comes soon enough!!  😉Wink
Yes, I really lucked girls!!!
And he's all MINE!!!
Ya, I will be possessive over this one!! 
Gotta jet for now,
House work calls!!

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