So my birthday was at the end of November. Not sure why, but I must have set up my Facebook where it doesn’t notify people. I only got maybe 5 or 6 greetings. My mom also texted me, but didn’t greet me. LOL. She was texting me about something else. Also, I must have slipped through the cracks at work because nobody knew. I’ve seen other co-workers get their desks decorated. I don’t know why even the managers didn’t have my birthday on their list. I know I filled something out when I first started here.

I’m usually not the type to take center state, but it still would have been nice to have gotten a little more acknowledgement. Oh well, that’s life right?

My other update is that I’m “talking” to someone again. The funny thing is I thought I’d be happy once I was romantically involved with someone in any capacity. The thing is I don’t feel fulfilled. Part of that is because the girl is not ready to commit to anything. She was divorced two years ago and has two daughters. She did say she has feelings for me and wants to see where this goes. She doesn’t want to rush into having a title. I get that. But I just wish she could at least agree to have boundaries, as in both of agreeing to go steady and not see other people. But I guess for her it’s too close to having a commitment. It really sucks because we have a lot in common and we’re really good at making each other feel comfortable and getting the other to laugh. We went to our first dinner two weeks ago and talked for over two hours. We were literally the last customers there and the restaurant was cleaning up when we left. Then this past weekend we were asked if this brunch place could get our table because after eating we kept talking for about another half hour.

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  1. delane1 5 years ago

    i really hope you can find some comfort, even if it’s just a friendship with this woman….for now. i think you hit the nail on the head about why she might’ve been behaving that way.
    i don’t know why people tend to either go all out or not at all, where birthdays are concerned. For what it’s worth: i know it’s a bit late, but i hope you had a decent time and could find some joy in your day![Personally, i grew up not really ‘celebrating’ birthdays, other than my parents saying, “Happy Birthday,” or making a cake for the day or something like that. Then, as i became a young adult, my first husband and his family made a big deal about birthdays, so i couldn’t really ‘hide’…. Most years, i could care less about ‘my’ day, but i do find more joy in celebrating kids’ birthdays or even significant others’….just not mine.] i know you’ve had some rough times, in the past, and i hope this year has started on a better foot for you!!!!

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