So I'm apparently out of the desparately unwell phase…the depression has backed off quite a bit. Still extremely tired most of the time, but I am able to go out for a little while at a time now. I will say this~ I feel extremelylucky to be on the Lamictal; I know how much worse this would have been without it. Normally my depressive episodes last for weeks, sometimes even months.This time it's only been a week really.

As most of you know I live in Florida on the east central coast, fairly close to Cape Canaveral where the shuttlestook off from. Right now there is a category 2 hurricanemoving towards us, and even though it just passed over Cuba last night we're already feeling it's effects. We're getting squall lines from the storm where it's incredibly windy and raining like mad for 15 minutes, and then for awhile all is quiet and still. At the moment it is grey and abnormally still…kind of spooky actually, lol. After all the wind and rain we've been having since yesterday it doesn't feel right.

Anyhow it's only going to get more intense as the day progresses and we won't see the end of it until Saturday night (at least that's what the weather station is forecasting). We're under a tropical storm warning currently and will be all day tomorrow. I'm a little nervous because IF it does swing closer, we're not going to have time to shutter the house. And since Mom's away on vacation it will make it almost impossible to make the yard and house safe. At this point we're forecasted to get 40 mph sustained winds at times…but if they get stronger than that we're going to have problems. Luckily the downstairs is made of concrete block and we can all hunker down downstairs. The scary thing for me is it leaves my son and I alone at night through this because my husband is expected to be at work during these types of storms or emergencies. I'm terrified of tornadoes, especially at night because you can't see them coming…when you lose power you can't see anything in the distance.

But I'm probably worrying for nothing. We'll most likely have downed tree limbs and no school tomorrow for Zachary because they may open the schools up as shelters. I'd rather he were home with me during this anyhow.

Tonight I see Darcy~ and I'm so relieved by that. I'm going to ask her for her help with dealing with trying to get SSDis benefits and write a letter for me verifying my bipolar issues and difficulties working.

Okay, I'm worn out so I'm going to go sleep some more. It seems to be helping me a lot. I wish for you all peace and comfort today…love you all. ~Key

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  1. Aswa 8 years ago

    Yep, I'm dragging though a bit of a tired period just now too.   Peace, Aswa.

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