Today is one of those days that I just really don’t know what to write about.  For the last few days I’ve written a good bit, whether its worth reading is up to you. But by typing and getting my thoughts out of my head I have found a daily reprieve. Today is one of those days that seems OK, I’m never really a fan of days like today because I’m always waiting for the day to drastically change one way or the other. I’m just waiting to fall off what feels like a cliff. That mood map tool here is a interesting tool, I’m just missing some loops and it would look like a pretty cool roller coaster ride. I know its just the beginning but this all seems to help and I’d suggest if you haven’t just written something and posted it to do so. It doesn’t matter if anyone even reads it or comments just get whatever you feel you need out of your head out. You might be surprised how much it helps you and might even help someone else. On a side note today is 142 days no drugs or booze, keeping up with my antiviral meds so to my knowledge I’m still undetectable, and started a new antidepressant today so I’m looking forward to some possible stability when it comes to my mood. I don’t think everyone needs medication to help with going through life, most just need some sort of therapy or a good support team. But for someone like me who has struggled with mental health issues and knowing myself far too well, I know I am able to benefit from both medication and therapy. ok well, lets hope that the rest of the day stays OK.


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  1. twiggysiren 1 year ago

    Hi Nick, I really hope you had an OK day. Sometimes just OK is all we can ask for. I too am benefiting from both medication and therapy, I don’t think I could do without one or the other.

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