My brother played this song for me once: Brad Paisley – "I'm Still a Guy" (<– click to hear the song), and of course he thought it was funny and all.

I didn't really tell him that the song kind of hurt my feelings. According to this country singer, a man has to be a hunter, ride bulls, not appreciate art, has to have a big, burly dog, beat up people that look at 'his' woman, has to be horny, and can't do anything considered 'feminine'.

According to this singer, I'm not a guy. I see Bambi when I see a deer (and I love deer and nature), I would never hunt a deer anyway unless I was lost in the wilderness and needed food, I appreciate art and music, I have what he would consider to be a 'sissy dog' (a dachshund which I love), I'm a pacifist, I am NOT a perverted dude and respect women instead of staring at their breasts, and quite frankly, I really like bubble baths, going to antique malls, watching 'Top Model' and 'Project Runway', watching animated movies, drinking tea, having mixed drinks instead of beer, singing in the car, sleeping with plush animals, respect other countries and cultures, go to the mall, cook, sew, clean the house, and dressing in comfortable clothes.

Does all that mean I'm gay? No, i just have a feminine side (though people judge me as being gay because I don't stare at women's bodies). Is it wrong for me to be a sensitive guy? Can the world accept that men don't have to be womanizers and drunks?

Yes, I do manly things too, but come on, these standards the media sets on what a man is supposed to be is what annoys the hell out of me. This is often the reason why I'm depressed, because I feel rejected by society for being a sensitive guy. This is why I sometimes wish I wasn't a part of this world.

But this is why I want to change this world, too, and make things better. This is why I perservere.

So no, Brad Paisley, I am a guy who doesn't fit your standards for what a guy is supposed to be. And damn proud of who I am, too.

  1. visualist 12 years ago

    I hear ya!!! The other thing that used to get me all the time was women friends who went out with those types of guys would then turn to me and ask where all the "nice" guys were. HELLOOOO!!!

    You see my puppy. She's hardly a big viscious dog and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I cook, do laundry (and know how to separate the clothes), and clean. I like to shop and watch "sappy" chick flicks like Love Actually (my favorite during the Christmas season).

    You're not alone. Sensitive guys united!

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  2. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    Stay honest and true to yourself and always, always just be who you are that's the most important thing in life!!

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