Do you want to hear a joke? Life.

So I guess the first thing I would like to mention is group therapy
For anyone who hasn't read my other blogs (everyone) and to whoever is interested (no one) and whoever wants to see me naked (ladies), I started group therapy at the start of August. It was for 8 weeks, so it would have been ending right about now.
I did not go to all 8 sessions, I went to 5. They were 97% useless, helped me in no way whatsoever, and cost at least 10$ in gas driving over there and back.

I don't even know what was supposed to happen after the 8 weeks were done.
Literally for the 5 weeks I was there, all that happened every time was this:
We went around the group and told everyone about our week. That took a half hour. Then we spent an hour reading some slideshow our councellor made up which always had at least one or two grammatical error that irritated the life out of me, and then for the last half hour, we discussed what was on the slideshow.
And after one hour, we would take a break because 6/8 people in our group needed a smoke. So I spent 10-15 minutes a day playing with my thumbs and thinking of potential pick-up lines I could say to my councellor (Know what DOESN'T have a mental disease? My ERECTION) (shut up)

Seriously though, it was useless
Session 1 we learned about what anxiety was ( I had no idea lol!)
Session 2 we learned about what depression was
– I don't remember any other of them because I learnt nothing

I will be cliche however, and say that it was cool to know there were other people out there. The people in my group were pretty awesome. There was this hilarious older woman there who was cool.
But yeah. Pointless

So that's that

What else is there

I bought a 250$ glass desk online
It took two weeks to get here and when I opened it, there was nothing but shattered glass everywhere
Then I bought this cool 60$ tetris lamp from the UK which also took two weeks to get here. When it got here, I found out I could not use it, as apparently, the british people use different sockets than Canada/US, so I was unable to plug their crazy adapter into our wall socket. You know how normal plugs just have two prongs that you just stick in there?. The British have two prongs as well, but they are way closer together, and have a GIANT ass rod of plastic just below the prongs. I literally do not have enough brain power to even ponder the purpose of a gargantuan piece of plastic sticking out right beneath the two prongs, preventing anyone from plugging it into a normal socket. The British. Seriously. Look at this thing:

I set up this dating profile on this site. No, I do not use it for chatting or dating or anything. I Picked a random place off the top of my head (New York) (I live in Canada), and I posted my picture and a profile. I never send any messages to anyone or even look around. All I do is, every week, I will log on and see if anyone has viewed my profile and to see if anyone has sent me a message. I do this because I now have a much better understanding of what kind of women find me attractive.
None. Just men. Men everywhere
I set my profile as Man looking for Woman, and I literally got three messages from guys wanting to sex me up, and no messages from any women
I honestly have no words to desrcibe how I feel about this


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  1. Sawyer25 9 years ago

    I assure you I have huge struggles with anxiety
    I would just rather talk about it light-heartedly and maybe try to put a smile on someones face instead of being negative or complaining

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