So, i've becoming a frequent visitor here and I'm genuinely loving the people. Seems i'm blogging once a day too, which is helping me a lot.

Thought I'd tell you all a bit about my day.
I'm wondering if people ever have a really good day, but then for no reason get sad at the end of it?
Anyways, I went to my uni town today to go look for a house to live in next year. It went really really well and we ended up signing for the perfect house! My house right now is very big, its very far out of town, the windows are single panes and theres only storge heaters – the electric is on a meter and i live with 5 others…a whole heap of bad stuff has happened in the process of getting the house i have now, so i'm highly excited by this new one. 3 people, heating, double glazing and it's in the heart of the town – wins on all levels.

So you'd think that was a briliant day, and to be fair I did smile quite a lot today… but for some reason I get home and I feel just angry about stuff… I think it's partly to do with the fact I have to move back to the horrible house on sunday 🙁 it's truly awful. It's so cold there that if i sit in my room at night i can see my own breath in front of me… sooo unfun. But still, what I'll do now is focus on the present moment. Too often do I worry about what's yet to come, when really, right now in this moment,I'm at my parents house – its lovely and warm with food and a comfy bed – why on earth should I complain! 🙂

Hope todays been treating everyone kindly xx


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