Good mornin! Looking outside this mornin, the sun is shining, the birds singing … blue skies …

I am having my coffee, cking emails and listening to some good preaching on t.v.

As I was doin a devotion one day, I ran across the following "love letter" from the Lord. I want to share it with u …

"I want u to face the mountain

So that u can see,

when the mountain is out of the way

all there is left is Me.

Only I can move the mountain,

only I can push it away,

only I can conquer the problems

that u face today.

Your only job is to believe, to listen

to my voice.

And when u hear what I command,

obedience is your choice.

But I will not make it too difficult for the victory

is already Mine,

and I will fill you with My Spirit, and through

you My grace will shine.

Not when ur perfect like u think u need to be,

But when ur heart is willing to become more and

more like Me."

This really spoke to my heart … I re-read it a lot to remind myself that God is all I need. He is in control and will never leave me nor forsake me. I can depend on God when other's fail me.

He loved me, never left me … even when I wasnt worth loving.

I am not perfect, I still mess up from time to time, but I know that thru it all … I am His and He is mine …

Have a blessed day!!!



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