My counseller is a lovely lady..She is helping me to explore my creative side more and more. This poem is for her. She encourages me toshow her my photography, my drawings and now this is my first poem i've written. Would love to know what you think…? As a self harmer or not i would appreciate your comment <3

So i've never written a poem before so i'm sorry if its crap!! Anyway here goes:

I try so hard to remember your advice

But when i'm alone i'm at my own device.

Fear traps me in a cage

My tummy fuels with rage

and the cycle starts again

I can feel the pain

Deeper, deeper

So close to the vein.

I share this with you today as a cry for help

Something I struggle with almost everyday
As I try to keep the painful memories away

Not for fame, fortune or glory
But just to share my story.

I once told a friend

on whom I thought I could depend

When our relationship drifted

My emotions were shifted.

I felt so lonely and broken,

so many words left unspoken.

Each day I sink deeper and deeper

into this spiral in my head

Desperate to pull away

No matter what you say

I am this way

I have to pay.

  1. Aswa 10 years ago

    Very good description of how it feels… If this is your first poem then you are a natural… keep writing

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  2. naomijane 10 years ago

     ohh thats what i wanted to hear 😀 thank you guys!! X

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