For a millisecond, things seemed better with my hsuband. He helped with things around the house..but it is back to the same old, same old. I was sicker than a dead dog the other day, and before he got up that morning I asked him to help me. I asked if he would wait with the kids till his dad or someone could come and get them. About the only thing he said was that he didn’t know if his dad would even be home. The next thing I know was I heard his truck starting. I thought he was just seeing if it started, cause it had been acting funny lately. Then I heard it pull away..dummy I am, I figured he was just running around the block or he was going to the store. NOPE! He went to frickin work. After I realized he wouldn’t be coming back, I called and asked where the heck he was(trying to give up swearing for Lent..not going good so far). He chose to ignore me and go to work. To show how he was further concerned for my help, he refused to go and get the kids from his parents casue he would miss the first night of his precious seminar. Shows how much I rate. And as far as his helping around the house…I found a dirty diaper in the garbage can, with no garbage bag in it. He also leaves his garbage from fixing himself snacks or meals wherever he feels like it. And the last place he sets his beer can is where it stays as well. He is back to leaving his stankbut work clothes wherever he takes them off. There is a beer-a-mid in a table by his side of the bed…a tool he used on god-knows-what is laying on the piano. So, I am a little frustrated and sad about it and I don’t really feel like celebrating my bday anymore right now. L


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