My life is full of nothing…

I have lost all sense of time and myself

what's left of it is being poured on to these lines

These lines i take everywhere with me

Lines that won't let me down

Lines that won't judge me

Lines thatover years have listened totheeternal scream of my heart…

Sometimes i wonder …

What's the pointin writting if it doesn't change anything ?

What's the point in writting if my words go unnoticed ?

My words that are full of emptyness…

Oh i can't cry anymore

I can't try anymore

Time has consumed what was left ofmy heart

All i ever wanted …

All i ever wanted was to be loved

To be important to someone

To feel that life is real

To feel like there are other things to experience other than suffering

I am done and over with

My life never started it's always been over

I have no control

This pain is so severe i can't feel it anymore

I don't know what's happening

I don't know anything

And i'm afraid

I can't bring myself to suicide because my life doesn't belong to me

I am destined to live through this until i break entirely

Until i snap

It still won't matter

This is what happens when you are as insignificant as i am…

No big deal , nothing can ever be done

My time will come

If i kill myself am i selfish ?

Or will it be the first time ever that i think about myself?…


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