Life must be nice for my sister..

She gets to wake up whenever she wants.. If she wants something but doesn't have the money, either I buy it for her, or her idiot does.. If she argues with me, she just chooses to shut me out and stay near her idiot.. If she argues with him, she can easily f*ck the guy. If she doesn't feel like doing her homework, she puts it off until the last second and asks me and our parents for help so she can finish it in an hour. If she has an exam she doesn't want to study for, she just changes the exam date.. If our parents are bothering her, she just calls or goes to her idiot to ignore whatever happened..

Wow.. Her life must be great.

It shouldn't be though.

She flunked out of a university because she didn't go to enough classes to learn sh*t because she wanted to spend time with that guy (she told me). So now she's doing online classes with another college, hoping to bring her gpa up enough to reenroll in the university.

I buy her chocolate and medicine and stuff because she suddenly has no money. Her idiot buys her drinks and breakfast and lunch, etc. Even though we have food here.

Now the reason this pisses meoff is because he's supposed to be saving his damn money so he can get his own f*cking place. She's not helping him do any of that!!!

While I sit here and cry because I'm losing my best friend, she's ignoring everything and choosing to be happy with that guy.

I've told her she needed to study for days now because she had an exam today. So last night she said she'd study tomorrow morning (today). And she watched a movie last night so she was tired this morning, so she just changed the day of her exam.

She'd rather "do things" with that guy than her homework.. Thus, she uses her family as her personal service.

If she's mad at our parents, she just says she needs to get a job so she has a way to pay for her own place……

Instead of just accepting that she did wrong, she'd rather run off with that guy..

So really, she should be a little worried about things, more productive with her life. BUT she's not. She'd rather sleep, and f*ck, and lie, and use people.

Such an easy life..


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