“If depression is one little box of cereal, Borderline Personality Disorder is the variety pack.” – Doug~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have been doing researh on my mental illness online and I also blog quite a bit on MySpace threw out the day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~but I found this bit of humor About BPD and thought I would share~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Someone wrote this about BPD and I thought it ws funny and MOSTLY not all true for me~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why it’s great to love a Borderline!~~~~~~~~~

So most people who have a clue about Borderline Personality Disorder might run for the hills screaming at the thought of dating one. But…come on…it can be great to love a borderline! Sure we’re crazy…but it’s what makes you love us so.~~~~~~~~~~~

Most people only get one chance at a first impression…well with borderlines you get to make a “first impression” every time you see them!~~~~~~~~~~

Most of the time, when you’re arguing with a borderline…about five minutes into the argument they will have forgotten what the hell the argument is about.~~~~~~~~~~

If your borderline gf is screaming insanity and ready to claw your eyes out…just grab her, kiss her ferosiously, tear her clothes off and give it to her good. She’ll forget all about why she was mad at you in the first place.~~~~~~~~~~~

With borderlines…there’s such a thin line between love/hate. So when in doubt…make love.~~~~~~~~~~

Hey if you want excitement and spontaneity…you’ve found it! You’ll NEVER know what a borderline is gonna do next.~~~~~~~~~~

You never have to worry about wondering whether or not your BPD other thinks they are more attractive than you are.~~~~~~~~~~

If you’re into three-somes…it’s probably no difficult task persuading your BPD gf into one, seeing as how she is probably bi-curious anyway.~~~~~~~~~~~

You’ve found a great drinking buddy!~~~~~~~~~~

If you’ve ever wanted to be somebody’s hero…now’s your chance! I mean, true…you might be the villain a minute later…but make no mistake…give it another minute and you’re the hero again. Well done!~~~~~~~~~~~~


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