i wish i knew what to do with my father. He left my family when i was little and remember very little about him. When he did come back in our lives is was for short periods of time. NOw that he is older he has made more of and effort to be around. Now i have 2 older siblings and well they remember him from there younger years i DONT. My sister was always daddy's little girl and my brother is the only boy and i am the oops baby so i dont fit in to my fathers life. but i am expected to be happy and loving around him. my brother and sister have so much in common with him and i dont he really makes no effort to get to know me even calling him dad is weird.

Yes i know life is to short but its hard. I have been brought up with my mom she has been there for me for everything in my life and well he hasnt so its hard for me to be ok with that. I am mommies little girl and yes i am 29 so i believe that is another reason why we cant bond. but my sister thinks i should make an effort cause he loves me i dont see it.

the stepmother !!! ugh the women cannot be more annoying if she wasnt around he would be so easy to be around cause she has to stick her nose in everything ( its huge too) and she speaks for him its never him talking its her telling him what to say and yes she loves my sister. I will send my dad and email to say whats up and she replies so annoying.

I just dont fit in i really feel like i was adopted except i look exactly like mom and act like her too. so thats out.

what do i do ? i cant act like he is my daddy its just so weird yet i dont want to hurt him.  Yes i have tried talking to him and explaining i am different then my siblings but there is not effort to know me. I guess i have to suck it up and pretend that i have a great father. I have been without one for so long dont know how to even act.


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