I am so frustrated right now my boyfriend has been acting like a real asshole to me. About 2 months ago he had gotten a comment from some girl on his myspace. So when I asked him who she was he said don’t worry about it. So I just ignored it but then one time I was going to text my friend through his phone and I saw that he was texting the same girl but it had a different name. So than I told him I don’t like he calling you baby and boo cuz I don’t even call him that. After that I received our phone bill (we have a family plan cuz its cheaper) AND HE WENT OVER LIKE 30 TEXT MESSAGES AND 27 WERE TO HER. So than he got pissed off at me and we had a huge fight. Than for his 21 st b-day a couple of friends and I planned for us to go to Halloween horror nights and than one morning up there he forgot to set the alarm and I checked his texts and he was still texting her and she kept using those name. Which was bothering me a lot. I told him about it and he just got mad and it took a 16-year old boy to tell him that it’s fucked up when someone else is texting your b/f or g/f baby names. So he texted the girl telling her not to call him those names cuz I had a problem with it and she said on its not like that cuz she was gay. YA RIGHT…one second she was bi than gay and now guess what she is STRAIGHT!!!!! So ever since then he said she stopped texting him but of course I’ve been checking. Why? Cuz I don’t want the same thing to happen with him that happen with my ex. Cuz my ex was cheating on me with an old friend and this one time she called his phone and I didn’t pick up and I should have cuz it would have saved me a lot a lot a lot of heartache. So yesterday I checked his myspace and he sent that girl a message saying what’s up and she sent him one back saying that she changed her # cuz she didn’t want to cuz any problems for him w/ me. So I asked him has he had any communication with her and he lied to me and said that she wrote to him that out of the blue and when I confronted him all he can say is that he didn’t tell me cuz he knew I would overact and I told him I wouldn’t have if from the beginning when I asked him who she was he would have told me the truth a friend from middle school and told me when they started texting. But he didn’t and I just feel so betrayed. So yesterday he calls me and gives me an ultimatum saying that if I keep doing saying that he is cheating on me than its going to be over that the choice is mine. And I got so pissed off cuz he loves to do that shit to me giving me ultimatums and when I do the same he gets pissed off and yells at me and doesn’t give a shit. But yesterday I told him that I was tired of him ignoring me and calling me names and that I never get to talk about the things I’m feeling cuz its never convent for him. Everything always has to be about him if its not he gets pissed off or changes the topic. We were on the phone for about and hour and 15 minutes about more than the hour he was ignoring me. I don’t know what to do I’m tired of all the shit and he crap and him not wanting to take responsibility for his own actions. He called me names like bitch, asshole, stupid and than crazy which I hate people calling me that and then he denied calling me any of those things yesterday and I was ready to end right there and than and I’m sure that he wanted me to do that he kept saying no and saying that unfortunately he loved me and I was like you say it like it’s a bad thing. I was so angry and hurt that for the first time in a long time I felt like cutting but I didn’t I fought the urge and told myself it wasn’t worth it. So I told him that if he wants to stay with me that he is going to have to give me a day this week so we can talk about the issues I am having with him. And he said fine than on Sunday we will talk. So I guess I must wait and see what happens. I just don’t know what to do anymore I want to be with him but I don’t want to be with someone who ignores me and wants me to focus on him all the time but him not giving a rat ass shit about me. I feel like I’m not important and now he changed his password to his myspace and says that its not fair that I have all his passwords and he has none of mine. And I told him that I don’t like anyone having that and that if he gave it to me than that is his problem not mine cuz I didn’t ask him to. Plus when I went to Nicaragua for a month he came onto this website and looked at all the things I write which I never wanted him to see cuz he doesn’t even care enough to hear me out about the stuff I write here and I find people here that listen to me and actually try to help me not like him who can’t give me the time of any fucking day. Well I must do some homework so I guess I’ll write some other time. Wish me luck.


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