I just wanted to let you know about my family situation some more. I\’ve been talking to this guy recently, and his parents are divorced and he really understands what I feel like. I think I\’m in love with him, though I don\’t know if he likes me back.

My mom is going to leave. I can just feel it in my gut. My dad has been a jerk for the past year and a half because he\’s going through a midlife crisis. We\’ve been trying to deal with it. I can\’t handle it anymore. My mom can\’t handle it anymore.

I\’m scared that this guy isn\’t going to be here for me when my mom leaves. My options are, suicide, or, talk to someone. i\’m going to break. i can\’t handle this. I cannot do this anymore, especially on my own. I need help. I don\’t want to die, i just think it\’s the only option.

  1. jason01 12 months ago

    Death should never be an option no matter how tough things are going. Death only causes more pain, and I know you would not want to put the people in your life who care about you through that kind of suffering. Plus I know this guy you are talking would be crushed if he lost you, whether he likes you or not, it sounds like he cares for you so continue to confide in him or other people either on here or irl, and please keep on fighting!

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  2. Author
    aquazium 12 months ago

    Thank you so much Jason. I think it’s really true that death just causes more pain, I need to keep reminding myself of that.I’m sure he would be, I found out for sure that he likes me, so yes, it would be really hard for him if I died. I will keep on fighting. I guess it’s important to get the support I need so that might stop me more from dying. Thanks for being there to talk to, I really appreciate it. I’ll keep on fighting, I’ll keep on surviving.

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  3. tylerholmes 11 months ago

    Keep fighting and keep survive. no matter what you face you need to be strong and have the will to live

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