It has been a bit since I’ve been on here. It has been busy for me. I finally had an appointment made with a therapist and psychiatrist to see about getting myself help. With seeing her in three weeks I have seen marked improvement in my mood and outlook on life. With the help of my partner, I have even stopped self harming, though I still struggle with the thought of it during stressful situations. They prescribed me medicine to help with my depression and anxiety and I know that has definitely helped on the mental side of things with my sleep and thoughts. I know choosing medicine isn’t for everybody but for me it has been helpful. It has helped slowed down and calm the thoughts in my head so everything is much quieter now. Some of the thoughts are still there but it is less and certain emotions and feelings are more subdued, such as my sadness and anger are not really there anymore. I am still sarcastic and can be annoyed about certain things, especially by work.

School has just started back up for me and it is my last semester as an undergrad. My schedule is already packed and with the therapy visits and soon physical therapy visits, I know I won’t have time for anything until December. I just want to pass and graduate so I can be done with school. I have 2 grad classes with my senior undergrad class and my internship class. I am crossing my fingers that the therapy visits and the medicine will make this semester easier as now i I have better ways to control my stress and I might actually be able to focus on school and not be distracted when doing homework. I am going to try to remain positive and know that it is almost over with school and I’ll be free soon.


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