Well shortly after I found out that I going to have a baby I then came down with some sort of viral infection.  My 12 yr old got it first and was in the ER with 103 fever and they had a hard time getting it down.  Thanks to preggo hormones I was so calm and relaxed. I almost fell asleep in the ER. Which for me that is a big deal.  Usually I would have been freakin out. 

   The next day I got sick and went to the ER and the doctor acted like it was no big deal and told me I was only allowed to take Tylenol. The night before when my son was in the ER he was put on anti biotics so I feel kind of confused.  Sometimes I feel like because I have an anxiety disorder that Dr.'s don't give me the best medical treatment. Maybe it's just me.

   Anyways, all day today my heart rate has been 105-115bpm and I didn't even realize it. I wasn't feeling anxious.  I was just curious if being preggo affects blood pressure so I took my blood pressure for the fun of it. I was shocked that my pulse is so high so I have been taking it off and on all day and am confused as to why this is happening.  My fever has not been above 100 degrees so I don't think it is that. Just odd but making me worry now. I wouldn't even be worried about it if I wasn't preggo.

    Anyways, been sick so if I haven't replied to you or don't reply I will once I feel better. I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow and my Dr is preggo and almost ready to deliver and I am so afraid I am going to get her sick. I actually thought about canceling the appointment just to spare her.  I really need to get seen though.

   Have a great week everyone and blessings to all of you!!


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