The voices went away I used to be okay but somehow I drifted away I can no longer see through. My eyes growing blind of who I want to be I cry because there no part of me who truly believe that I will have the things I dream to be the more I look at me I feel so much pain disappointment how can I be this person you honestly deserve it one say things will be okay but somehow those days never stay I was happy but on this day where you gave birth to me you shouldn’t be here it show lock inside with computer on your lap and your phone on high hoping and praying before the end of this night someone will reach out and grab your hand and show you that they care today another day as hopeless as the rest I should of knew it I should of know I would be alone nothing change no matter how thing play out I was more happy when I was lock down in that house I thought if I escape things wouldn’t be the same I could be free to live my life peacefully spending time with friends but they do no longer seem to want to see me I want my childhood I want my life I can’t be a kid I have to grow up no time for fun but no one see the kid trap in me she wanted to be free but I can’t let her out she stuck forever she will never be able to live everything I do is not good enough for you it not good enough for me no matter how much I achieve I still feel incomplete I can’t let them win I can’t fail I keep praying that what you said will be true but im losing faith in you how can they win being happy is all I ever wanted but being stuck back up in this comer of hell slowing burning there no water to stop fire I breath thinking this is what I deserve no matter how good or bad I am I will always be the one who get put away this is my destiny the fire is a part of me l


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