so im still bothered by (referencing last blog) what i read, but im trying to do my best to not let it get to me, its been brought up to me that ill most likely be moving in with him within the next year, everything has gotten so real so fast today, now i need to start looking for work up here and going through my stuff to see what i really need.. im kind of nervous, where will we go next after this? does it seem like as big of a deal and stuff as it is to me? or is it just a way to keep his apartment that we love so much if his roomate moves out and i end up out on my ass if something goes wrong? gaahhh so much to think about. it will be so nice to get out of marshalltown, but he is the only one i know within 30 or so miles.. ill be so secluded. but then again i do kind of hate people, so that could just as easily be a bonus, but ill just have to make some friends here, im pretty good at being a chameleon, and he talked about me possibly working with him too, im kinda nervous about that also, i think if we would be co habitating it would be healthy to have that little guaranteed space every day so we dont get tired of one another or something. ive never lived anywhere but with my parents and now i cant stop weighing pros and cons in my head, but i think it would be a positive change. i did talk to my advisor this last week and we discussed the online paralegal program i could take also so i could do it anywhere. this is so much change in just a short time, it kind of makes me want to freeze time since i dont know if the future will be better or worse, but i always assume the worst.


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